Walking for the Elderly

 Heel Toe Express For the Elderly

Walking becomes a little more difficult than a walk in the park as we age. Some of the difficulties are arthritis, failing vision, bad balance, bad back and angina. Just walking on the spot can help you get started. But I would check with a doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Heel Toe Express is good for people of any age. Some older people have the impression that they are too old to start an exercise program and it’s too late to improve their health. But taking up exercise at any age will benefit you in the long run.

Exercising daily will help you to live an independent life as you age. Living independently can simply be getting out of bed/chair, using a toilet, walking, eating, showering and dressing. Even basic activities become difficult as you age, so take advantage of what you have while you can. Walking without assistance can determine if a person can live independently.

If you would like some support while walking, you could use a walking stick. You would have to find a walking stick, possibly while on a walk or buy one. You could also purchase hiking poles from your local outdoors shop or online. Although a walking stick provides support, it can also have drawbacks. In rocky terrain, they can get stuck between the rocks and throw a person off balance. If a trail is narrow and has thick vegetation, the poles will get in the way.

Walking can be difficult if you have arthritis in your knees. It is common for people to believe that shoes with thick, cushiony soles are going to help. But wearing a shoe with a thinner, more flexible sole actually puts less load on your knees.

Try the Get Up and Go Test to check your mobility. Stand up from sitting in a chair, walk 10 feet, turn around, walk back to the chair and sit down. You want to see how long it takes and how steady you are. You should be able to walk a yard a second. If you walk faster than that, you’re normal. If you are slower, you have a gait problem, which increases your chances of falling. Gait is the pace you walk. The speed and stability of your stride could offer clues to the state of your brains health. An unsteady gait can be an early warning sign of problems down the road.